Travel As a Way to Progress

I believe traveling around the world can greatly broaden one’s view and experience on their career. This can go for many different careers. One that you make think of right for the bat would be a photographer. They are able to capture images of different lifestyles and bring that back to where they are from. I think traveling could also benefit Public Relations and Journalism as a whole. Let me start off with an example.

I have already visited London when I was in high school. I was younger than I am now so I think that i wasn’t able to fully appreciate and understand the culture. I went for fun as a way to bond with some friends and to simply explore. However, now I will be studying abroad in London for five weeks this upcoming summer. I am so beyond stoked because this is giving me the chance to study what I love in a completely different place that is full of life and culture. I will be studying International News and Sports in the UK. Classes will be held monday through friday and then we have the whole weekend to travel anywhere we like.

I can’t wait to go on this trip and then come back and blog about it 🙂 I plan on traveling to Paris and hopefully some other places. I am only there for five weeks so I will most likely be spending most of my time in London and getting to know the area. Stay tuned to see how it goes!


What Is Crisis Communication?

There are many different terms or explanations for crisis communication. I would define it as the way companies and organizations handle certain crises that affect how people and other professionals view them. This can go as far as a restaurant’s food giving someone a disease to a commercial gone wrong.

An example of this include Chipotle’s E. Coli crisis in the year 2015. About 43 restaurants had to be closed because of people becoming extremely ill. Fortunately, Chipotle handled this very well by doing a number of things that are important during crisis communication. First of all, they took responsibility and apologized. The co-chief executive producer announced that he was deeply sorry and that it was a very unfortunate incident. Also, they decided to hire food safety consultants to make sure that their food is healthy and safe from there on out.

The next example is the recent commercial done by Pepsi that dealt with the Black Lives Matter movement. It showed protestors smiling and clapping, while Kendall Jenner handed an officer a Pepsi. The officer accepted and grinned. Many people all over the world thought that this commercial was making light of the issues involving police brutality. Pepsi apologized and immediately pulled the ad.

Companies sometimes use issues in the world to sell their product. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. When it is a worldwide issue that is very controversial, it is better to not even try to use it to promote a product or company. However, sometimes a tragedy happens and companies will let people know that it is in their thoughts and they are doing something to help those affected by the tragedy, which can work.

It is important to go about a crisis in a mature and responsible way. Also, you have to act quickly and thoroughly. Apologizing is key and coming up with ways to bounce back from the situation is crucial. Companies and organizations can easily come back from a crisis if they go about it right.

Her Campus

I am not quite sure if you have eve heard of the online magazine called Her Campus. It creates and uploads content on everything that women need to know when it comes to college. It is an amazing publication and a lot of the articles posted actually do help with tips and stories. It is something fun and amusing for girls in general.

I was able to work for this company at the University of Oregon. Its amazing to think that a huge amount of women write for this online magazine at all other universities in the United States. So, there are two different jobs that you can do when it comes to Her Campus. There is a writing side and then a Public Relations side. I am not sure if it is the same at other universities, but at Oregon the writers publish at least one article a week. For the pr people, you think of and plan certain events that are relevant during the time period. For example, during Halloween the writers would write stories on how to come up with costumes on a budget or how to stay safe during the weekend. It is also fun to table at events and inform people of all sorts of things that the community is concerned about or simply would just like to know more about.

This organization was such a joy to work for because it let me expand my mind and work with other students in an exciting fashion. I would recommend everyone to try something new and see where it goes 🙂

Interviewing and Presentations

I started interviewing and giving presentations starting in middle school. I started out with just the basics and nothing complex until I reached high school. High school taught me the importance of having a strong presentation and being a confident person when it came to interviews. However, in college I have taken my knowledge of this and tried to perfect it. I would like to point out specific details to remember when presenting and interviewing people.

In order to prepare for a presentation, I like to write down an outline and everything that I am going to speak about. I put it in order and I do not write down absolutely everything I am going to say because then it feels like I am trying to memorize things. In front of the crowd, I try to seem as confident and comfortable as possible because then it makes the audience loosen up as well. It is important to try to connect with your audience and engage them. No one wants to hear a list of facts, but they want to hear your thoughts and takeaways on certain things. Maybe even ask them questions to engage them more.

When it comes to interviewing, many people think it is better to write down your questions and others think you should not. I believe it is okay to write down your first few questions that you want to start off with, but then the conversation should flow to where there is no need to look down at your notes and force certain questions out. Think of it simply as a normal conversation and connect with the person. It is good to record your interview because then you won’t have to take the time to write down everything as quickly as possible. Also, receive their contact information and give them a “thank you” email or something that acknowledges the fact that they took their time to talk to you.

A Balanced Lifestlye

People today do not realize or take the time to focus on all aspects of their life. Some may focus primarily on working out and their health, while others are more tuned into their school work and job. Then there are those that put their social life as the center of their everyday routine. I want to stress that all of these are important and it is essential to live a very balanced lifestyle.

it is a true statement when someone says that each aspect of one’s life affects another aspect. For example, I have always had stomach pain as I have grown up and I have never figured out the reason for it. This ended up really affecting my school work and my ability to workout. I realized that I needed to put more attention to this and try to better my health. I started to eat better and simply drink more water with Metamucil. I started to see a difference and had more energy to go to the gym and focus on my studies. This was solely because I was feeling much better.

When it comes to everyones social life, it is hard to not put it first because you don’t want to miss out on anything. I especially struggled with this for awhile because I consider myself a social person and love to go out with friends whenever I can. However, in college I came to the realization that there needs to be a balance. Everything in one’s life is greatly affected by the other and it is crucial to always keep that in mind and work hard at absolutely everything that makes you who you are.

Social Media: Appropriate or Not?

Ever since I received my first cell phone I was on all types of social media. This included Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Snapchat. At the time, i was younger so it never occurred to me how important it was to keep things 100% classy. I never was the type to post anything that was not appropriate so that was not an issue, but I never extremely analyzed my pictures and tweets before I sent them out into the public.

Now, I am a Junior in college and I am very aware of the importance of keeping social media appropriate. I believe my sorority, Alpha Phi, is one of the main reasons for this. Sororities really stress the importance of professionalism when it comes to social media because we want others to see us as the classy women that we are.

Many people already know this, but I would like to point out that adults and bosses will always scroll through your social media before hiring you to see what you are like outside of the workplace. If you have something embarrassing posted then I promise you they will not hesitate to start looking for other people to hire. So please remember, think twice before posting absolutely anything on any website, because it will always be there for professionals to see.

All About Connections

Growing up, my mom has always told me how important it is to start and keep connections with people. At first, I would get so frustrated and annoyed with her because i didn’t think it was a big deal and that I could get jobs and internships simply by applying on my own. But over the years I realized that this is not always the case.

For example, I was able to get my Solaborate internship because I personally knew the boss. He saw my determination and thought I would be an essential asset to the team. I also knew the boss of my job as a front desk receptionist that I had over the past few years. I also knew many people on campus and that is how I found out about the Her Campus job and Duck Tv class.

Obviously, people are able to get jobs on their own because of their skill and past history. However, knowing more people and having a positive experience can take you a fare way. It is important to remember to be on your best behavior and show your personality every time you meet someone in a professional manner, and even in a personal one. it doesn’t hurt to keep these connections for future reference.