PR Intern for Solaborate

In the summer of 2016, I was given the amazing opportunity to intern for a company called Solaborate. First off, I would like to stress the importance of internships and jobs that are in the Public Relation and Journalism field. Having that practice gives you a scope and outlook on the real world. It forces you to work as if this is your actual job and lets you see what it would be like. Learning in the classroom is beneficial, but getting out of your comfort zone and interning is what will you help you even more down the road.

Solaborate created a product called “Hello,” which is an advanced communication device that allows people to interact in a professional way and in an every day family way. I remember walking into the building and being amazed at how professional it seemed. It was my first time working for such a huge corporation that was successful and efficient. I really felt important at that point and was determined to be a useful person to the team.

Since I was the PR intern, I dealt with things that involved promoting the product and brand. An essential part about public relations is coming up with key strategies and certain audiences. The particular audience that we wanted to aim for were women and men in their 30s-50s (most likely with children and pets) and professional men and women workers that would benefit by a means of video communication. This was the audience that would most likely have a desire to buy the product because it would help them keep an eye out for what is happening at home and help to connect with other professionals in other countries.

The key strategies that I focused on were reaching out to well known bloggers, communicating with certain companies, promoting the brand, posting “Hello” on sites that publicize products, creating a press release, and making posts on social media outlets. I was able to listen in on meetings and give feedback with my own opinions. It is important to vocalize what you think would work because you need to remember that you are there for a reason and are now a part of the brand.

I would like to say that I worked with the company rather than for the company. Of course I worked for my boss and the others that have been on the team for so long, but I was a part of the company and utilized my strengths in a professional manner. They helped me learn so much more about Public Relations and I helped them in promoting the product “Hello.” It was a team effort and I am so thankful for the experience that I gained.




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