A Balanced Lifestlye

People today do not realize or take the time to focus on all aspects of their life. Some may focus primarily on working out and their health, while others are more tuned into their school work and job. Then there are those that put their social life as the center of their everyday routine. I want to stress that all of these are important and it is essential to live a very balanced lifestyle.

it is a true statement when someone says that each aspect of one’s life affects another aspect. For example, I have always had stomach pain as I have grown up and I have never figured out the reason for it. This ended up really affecting my school work and my ability to workout. I realized that I needed to put more attention to this and try to better my health. I started to eat better and simply drink more water with Metamucil. I started to see a difference and had more energy to go to the gym and focus on my studies. This was solely because I was feeling much better.

When it comes to everyones social life, it is hard to not put it first because you don’t want to miss out on anything. I especially struggled with this for awhile because I consider myself a social person and love to go out with friends whenever I can. However, in college I came to the realization that there needs to be a balance. Everything in one’s life is greatly affected by the other and it is crucial to always keep that in mind and work hard at absolutely everything that makes you who you are.


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