Interviewing and Presentations

I started interviewing and giving presentations starting in middle school. I started out with just the basics and nothing complex until I reached high school. High school taught me the importance of having a strong presentation and being a confident person when it came to interviews. However, in college I have taken my knowledge of this and tried to perfect it. I would like to point out specific details to remember when presenting and interviewing people.

In order to prepare for a presentation, I like to write down an outline and everything that I am going to speak about. I put it in order and I do not write down absolutely everything I am going to say because then it feels like I am trying to memorize things. In front of the crowd, I try to seem as confident and comfortable as possible because then it makes the audience loosen up as well. It is important to try to connect with your audience and engage them. No one wants to hear a list of facts, but they want to hear your thoughts and takeaways on certain things. Maybe even ask them questions to engage them more.

When it comes to interviewing, many people think it is better to write down your questions and others think you should not. I believe it is okay to write down your first few questions that you want to start off with, but then the conversation should flow to where there is no need to look down at your notes and force certain questions out. Think of it simply as a normal conversation and connect with the person. It is good to record your interview because then you won’t have to take the time to write down everything as quickly as possible. Also, receive their contact information and give them a “thank you” email or something that acknowledges the fact that they took their time to talk to you.


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