Her Campus

I am not quite sure if you have eve heard of the online magazine called Her Campus. It creates and uploads content on everything that women need to know when it comes to college. It is an amazing publication and a lot of the articles posted actually do help with tips and stories. It is something fun and amusing for girls in general.

I was able to work for this company at the University of Oregon. Its amazing to think that a huge amount of women write for this online magazine at all other universities in the United States. So, there are two different jobs that you can do when it comes to Her Campus. There is a writing side and then a Public Relations side. I am not sure if it is the same at other universities, but at Oregon the writers publish at least one article a week. For the pr people, you think of and plan certain events that are relevant during the time period. For example, during Halloween the writers would write stories on how to come up with costumes on a budget or how to stay safe during the weekend. It is also fun to table at events and inform people of all sorts of things that the community is concerned about or simply would just like to know more about.

This organization was such a joy to work for because it let me expand my mind and work with other students in an exciting fashion. I would recommend everyone to try something new and see where it goes šŸ™‚


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