Travel As a Way to Progress

I believe traveling around the world can greatly broaden one’s view and experience on their career. This can go for many different careers. One that you make think of right for the bat would be a photographer. They are able to capture images of different lifestyles and bring that back to where they are from. I think traveling could also benefit Public Relations and Journalism as a whole. Let me start off with an example.

I have already visited London when I was in high school. I was younger than I am now so I think that i wasn’t able to fully appreciate and understand the culture. I went for fun as a way to bond with some friends and to simply explore. However, now I will be studying abroad in London for five weeks this upcoming summer. I am so beyond stoked because this is giving me the chance to study what I love in a completely different place that is full of life and culture. I will be studying International News and Sports in the UK. Classes will be held monday through friday and then we have the whole weekend to travel anywhere we like.

I can’t wait to go on this trip and then come back and blog about it 🙂 I plan on traveling to Paris and hopefully some other places. I am only there for five weeks so I will most likely be spending most of my time in London and getting to know the area. Stay tuned to see how it goes!


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