PR and Sports

As I have mentioned before, I have a certain passion when it comes to sports. I have always been involved with sports since I was 3 years old. For about 11 years, I was a gymnast and was competing at an advanced level. I always thought that I would do it for the rest of my life, but I then had to quit because of the time demands of high school. I then became a track athlete and was on Varsity all four years of high school. I had found a new passion, but that too did not continue because of a terrible injury senior year that ended that career.

Since I am no longer able to completely perform in sporting events, I have decided to incorporate sports into my career, or so I hope. There are many different jobs that one can do when it comes to sports and Journalism/Public Relations. One of these is a sports reporter. This would be an exciting thing to do because you get the chance to catch up on all things sports and be able to tell everyone else about big moments that could go down in history. Another job that would be an amazing experience is a sports agent. This involves making decisions that is best for your client and helping them make important choices that will help advance their career.

I believe working in the sports world is exciting and uplifting. It adds adventure and thrill into your career and I think people who are interested in sports should definitely give it a shot.


Crisis Communication Examples

At one point in time, a company usually will go through a certain crisis, in which they need to find important and clever ways to handle. I want to give some examples on some companies that handled a crisis in a very mature way.

  1. The company Johnson & Johnson came across a crisis when someone laced the Tylenol capsules with potassium cyanide and 7 people died as a result. In response, the company produced a new tamper-resistant packing and offered up to a $100,000 reward for the killer.
  2. In 1996 there was an E.coli outbreak when it came to Odwalla’s apple juice, which resulted in one death and over 60 people becoming sick. The company did a great job by taking full responsibility and paying for all the medical costs of the people who became ill.
  3. An employee for Red Cross accidentally tweeted off of the Red Cross account, thinking it was her private account. The tweet involved drinking and they responded by a humorous tweet apologizing. The beer company that the employee tweeted even got people to donate to Red Cross.
  4. in 1994, several executives of Texaco were recorded having a conversation about racial discrimination. In response, the CEO did well by apologizing publicly and firing the executives.
  5. In 2003, two Cadbury chocolate bars in India were found to be infested with worms. They did not respond well at first because they denied the contamination, but then they stepped up and changed their packaging and kept the publication up to date.

Classes To Enjoy and Take Seriously

I have taken many classes in college so far that involve figuring out what it is like to be in the PR field. I would love to share some of these because they can give you some insight on small ways to prepare for this profession.

One of my absolute favorite classes was called Principles of Public Relations and I took it when I was a sophomore. It created a base for things that we should expect in the future. My teacher would give us a situation that a company wanted to act on, in which they promoted a brand. For example, mine was a school program that wanted to promote healthier eating habits and wanted to find out the best way to create a campaign. In order to start, the program needed to do much research through the internet and books. The program then needed to figure out their objectives and strategies on how to promote it, like through certain events that they would hold. Once they came up with results, they needed to analyze the success of the campaign.

Through this assignment, I found out the basics of what it is like to be in Public Relations and I ultimately loved it. You are able to be creative in your thoughts, but also diligent in the process. One thing to remember is that you can’t take back what you put out there, so it is important to be careful and make sure you are on the right track.

Quotes to Remember

I just wanted to share some of my favorite quotes that are related to life and PR 🙂

  • “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” -Warren Buffet
  • “Everything you do or say is public relations” -Unknown
  • “In public relations, you live with the reality that not every disaster can be made to look like a misunderstood triumph” -Christopher Buckley
  • “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.” -Seth Godin
  • “Make a customer, not a sale.” -Katherine Barchetti
  • “The internet has turned what used to be a controlled, one-way message into a real-time dialogue with millions.” -Danielle Sacks

These are just a few reminders on what Public Relations is and how to handle it and some words that I like to live by.

An Effective Tool

I would like to stress how crucial it is to become involved in other organizations or professional groups that can give you experience. Other than interning, groups on your school’s campus can be extremely helpful and useful in many different aspects. One group that has been a highlight of my college career is Duck Tv, which is an organization at the University of Oregon that reports on news and sports.

I joined Duck Tv my first term of Junior Year and am still currently in it. I plan on staying in it the rest of school because it has given me an insight on what it would be like to be a sports reporter, which is a career that I am 100 percent thinking about. Here is a quick list of the things that we are expected to do:

  • Attend sporting events like baseball, basketball, tumbling, softball, tennis, football, and lacrosse.
  • Dress professionally and check out equipment like cameras, microphones, etc.
  • Record the entire game and get crucial shots
  • Interview the players and the coaches at the end of the game
  • Write your own script to report on camera
  • Report on camera
  • Edit the shots and create a video that will be a part of the Duck Tv show

It’s funny because you would think the producers would ease you into the process, but instead they expect you to jump right into it because that is the only way you are going to get practice and become better. I can say that I was extremely nervous for the first game that I covered. However, it was so fascinating and exciting to be able to do it and I’d like to say I have gotten the hang of it. It turns out there is so much more to learn besides reporting at games. There is a studio where we create the show behind desks, lights, cameras, and green screens. I got the opportunity to get in front of a green screen and talk about six different football players that are battling for positions in the spring game of 2017. This was incredible because I was so nervous, but it felt like I was actually a real life sports reporter on camera for a news network.

Having the opportunity to have experiences like will only help you in the long run. I now believe I want to be a sports reporter and will continue focusing on what can lead me there.

PR Intern for Solaborate

In the summer of 2016, I was given the amazing opportunity to intern for a company called Solaborate. First off, I would like to stress the importance of internships and jobs that are in the Public Relation and Journalism field. Having that practice gives you a scope and outlook on the real world. It forces you to work as if this is your actual job and lets you see what it would be like. Learning in the classroom is beneficial, but getting out of your comfort zone and interning is what will you help you even more down the road.

Solaborate created a product called “Hello,” which is an advanced communication device that allows people to interact in a professional way and in an every day family way. I remember walking into the building and being amazed at how professional it seemed. It was my first time working for such a huge corporation that was successful and efficient. I really felt important at that point and was determined to be a useful person to the team.

Since I was the PR intern, I dealt with things that involved promoting the product and brand. An essential part about public relations is coming up with key strategies and certain audiences. The particular audience that we wanted to aim for were women and men in their 30s-50s (most likely with children and pets) and professional men and women workers that would benefit by a means of video communication. This was the audience that would most likely have a desire to buy the product because it would help them keep an eye out for what is happening at home and help to connect with other professionals in other countries.

The key strategies that I focused on were reaching out to well known bloggers, communicating with certain companies, promoting the brand, posting “Hello” on sites that publicize products, creating a press release, and making posts on social media outlets. I was able to listen in on meetings and give feedback with my own opinions. It is important to vocalize what you think would work because you need to remember that you are there for a reason and are now a part of the brand.

I would like to say that I worked with the company rather than for the company. Of course I worked for my boss and the others that have been on the team for so long, but I was a part of the company and utilized my strengths in a professional manner. They helped me learn so much more about Public Relations and I helped them in promoting the product “Hello.” It was a team effort and I am so thankful for the experience that I gained.



Piecing It Together

I came into the college world at the University of Oregon in 2014. I have always enjoyed taking classes as I’ve grown up and having that drive to do well. Its strange to say, but I actually love having homework to do, even if it means being in the library for hours on end.

I decided to declare my major as Business my first term at my school. I thought this was something that I would enjoy and be great at it. However, the first business class I took was not what I expected and I ended up studying something that just was not fit for me. I would work in the library for hours, trying to piece together information that I just wasn’t understanding. I realized that this was normal. It was normal to find out that the major you are studying and pursuing may not be the right fit for you and it is okay to change it, even if you’ve been at your school for two years already. Luckily, I figured out that business was not for me after about two terms of my freshman year. That is when I decided to go into the Public Relations world, and I couldn’t be happier.